“Ye Shahi Jaadugar…” PM Modi takes swipe at Rahul Gandhi’s “eliminate poverty in one stroke” remark

Apr 14, 2024

Hoshangabad (MP), Apr 14 (ANI): Prime Minister Narendra Modi on April 14 took swipe at Congress leader Rahul Gandhi. Reacting on Rahul Gandhi’s “eliminate poverty in one stroke” remark, he said, “Desperate Congress is making such announcements which the Congress leaders themselves are not understanding. The prince of Congress has just announced something that will make you laugh. He announced that he would eliminate poverty from the country in one stroke. After all, where was this royal magician hiding for so many years? It has been 50 years since his grandmother announced to removal of poverty from the country. Before 2014, they ran the government remote for 10 years and are saying that they have got 'jhatke vala' mantra, where did they get this 'jhatke vala' mantra from? Tell me, is this not a mockery of the poor? Is this not an insult to the poor? They make such claims and because of this they become laughing stock and the country does not take them seriously...”.