“Who broke up J&K…” Congress leader P Chidambaram counters PM Modi on 'Article 370’ remark

Apr 16, 2024

Sivaganga (Tamil Nadu), April 16 (ANI): Congress leader P Chidambaram on April 15 countered Prime Minister Narendra Modi on ‘Article 370’ remark. Speaking to ANI, he said, “Every time they (BJP) are faced with a concrete set of plans, programs from the Congress, they will accuse the Congress of being a gang which is trying to break up the country. Who broke up Jammu and Kashmir? It is the BJP that broke J&K into three parts and they were on the verge of losing the case in the Supreme Court when they instructed their lawyer to tell the Supreme Court please don't pronounce a decision, we will hold elections. In fact, it is the BJP's manifesto, especially on the common civil code that will create divisions between one community and another community and these divisions will eventually lead to hate speeches, resentment, anger and conflict.”