Russian wing of Gayatri Parivar joins 47th Ashwamedha Mahayagya in Mumbai

Feb 24, 2024

Mumbai, Feb 24 (ANI): In Mumbai, the Akhil Vishwa Gayatri Parivar has arranged a Maha Yagya fair as part of the Devsanskrit Digvijay Abhiyan. The purpose of the fair is to promote the Sanatan culture that nurtures global humanity and contributes to the nation's advancement. In order to attend the auspicious event, the Russian wing of the Gayatri Parivar arrived in Mumbai.This marks the 47th Ashwamedha Mahayagya organized by the World Gayatri Parivar under the Devsanskrit Digvijay Abhiyan, led by seasoned scholars practicing in the Himalayan shadows and by the pure Ganga, Vishwamitra's revered meditation site. A substantial gathering of supporters participated in the event, engaging in various activities and offerings at the venue.