RS Chairman Dhankhar schools KC Venugopal on why President was not invited to New Parliament

Sep 22, 2023

New Delhi, September 22 (ANI): Rajya Sabha Chairman Jagdeep Dhankhar rebuked Congress MP KC Venugopal over President and Vice President's absence at the inauguration of the New Parliament remarks. While speaking on the Women’s Reservation Bill Congress MP KC Venugopal stated, “it is an insult that the President and Vice President were not present at the inauguration of the New Parliament.” Reacting to it, the Vice President and Rajya Sabha Chairman said, “We cannot trade on deficiencies. We can't trade the ignorance of others. Let me make it very clear, Vice President and President have been accorded the highest respect in the country. There has been no constitutional transgression. The position of the President and the Vice President or the chairman has to be kept at their level as expected and that was done. And that is what you have seen in last three days also. I would appeal to you as a member of the leading opposition party, you must do your homework. Find out. It does not send a good message when you bring in the President also. Read the constitution and you will find the role has been defined categorically... The President will address every session of Parliament, that was the original prescription in the Constitution. And the (first) amendment was, once a year. President has to act in accord with the Constitution...”