PM Modi pays ‘surprise’ late night visit to Varanasi, CM Yogi walks in tandem

Feb 23, 2024

New Delhi, Feb 23 (ANI): At the stroke of midnight, PM Modi paid a ‘surprise’ visit to UP’s Varanasi after a jam-packed schedule in Gujarat. Prime Minister Narendra Modi was accompanied by Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath. The people of Varanasi were excited to take a glimpse of their MP Narendra Modi during his visit. The Prime Minister inspected recently- inaugurated Shivpur- Phulwaria- Lahartara Marg in Varanasi. The road project provided relief to around 5 lakh people living in Varanasi and eased their travelling time. Built at a cost of Rs 360 crores, it helped reduce traffic congestion and travelling distance from BHU towards airport from 75 min to 45 min. The project saw inter-ministerial coordination including from Railways and Defence to enhance ease of living.