Pakistan is an occupier and has no regard for people's rights, says PoK activist

Sep 25, 2019

Geneva, Switzerland, September 24, 2019:- Pakistan is a global pariah. It has not been announced officially but the actions of the international community and various countries of late have suggested their growing disregard for this terror-breeding territory. While everybody was aware of its reputation in South Asia, the global community rebuff has now put a stamp on its isolation. Even since India extended all rights and privileges to people in Kashmir by abrogating decades-old articles, a desperate and delusional Pakistan reached out to everybody it could to forge an alliance against India... but nobody came in support. Rattled by such developments, it attempted to bring a resolution against India in the United Nations but failed to gather even minimum support to move the proposal. PoK activists who were present during the UNHRC session said that Pakistan has lost all support because people are now aware of the truth. They said No Kashmiri ever in his life wanted to be a part of Pakistan and what people see on social media and news was just a part of propagandist exercise hatched and controlled in Islamabad.