Pak providing support to terrorist groups in Afghanistan, claims activist in UNHRC

Sep 18, 2019

Geneva (Switzerland), Sep 18 (ANI): Afghanistan Human Rights activist and journalist Bilal Sarway at the United Nations Human Rights Council accused Pakistan for spreading terrorism in Afghanistan. He said that the Pak and its intelligence agency (ISI) is providing institution support to terrorist groups in the country. He also alleged that many Pak cities have Madrasas where fighters are trained, recruited and give hate speeches against Afghanistan. “Pakistan and its intelligence service provide institution support to terrorist groups in Afghanistan. The support includes military grade explosives, training and century. In many Pakistani cities, there are Madrasas where fighters are trained recruited and hate speeches against Afghanistan and its international partners are prevalent. Funding is publically raised in the name of ‘Jihad’- the holy war,” said Sarway. He also added that targeting Afghan civilians is a direct violation of human rights and it should stop.