“Law at serious risk in Pakistan…” UN, US slam PM Sharif over military crackdown on protesters

May 25, 2023

New Delhi, May 25 (ANI): On May 9, Pakistan plunged into a major chaos over former PM Imran Khan’s in Al Qadri Trust case. Crisis-hit country faced violent protests with PTI supporters attacking military establishments. Later, Pak PM Shehbaz Sharif decided to try Imran Khan’s supporters who attacked the state assets under Army laws. This decision was taken in the National Security Committee meeting in the presence of Army Chief General Munir. With PM Shehbaz Sharif and Imran Khan at daggers drawn, situation has worsened in Pakistan. Pakistani establishment’s crackdown on protesters and PTI supporters has drawn criticism from the UN. UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Volker Türk has condemned Pakistan for its decision. Not just UN, but US also condemned how protesters were being treated in Pakistan. Pakistan Govt decided to invoke Army Act to take stringent action against violent protesters wo went on a rampage. A Pakistani lawyer said that the military courts do not have to hold standards of evidence that regular courts are obliged to uphold.