Kashmir’s historic Stone Carving tradition losing its sheen; Watch to know why

Jun 07, 2023

Srinagar (J&K) June 07 (ANI): Kashmiris have a special affinity for stones and stone carving has been an important part of life in the valley. The stone carving in the valley is considered as old as Kashmiri civilization. From veneering techniques used in building Kashmiri homes to use of stones in gardens, one can find marvels of stone carving at various places in Kashmir. This includes fountains of world-famous Mughal gardens, Jama Masjid, Makhdoom sahib shrine, and other important locations. The demand of pestles, mortars, and Hammam slates are still in demand but the art is losing its worth due to lack of manpower and people denying it as a career. Set up on roadside at a place called Sempora, Pampore, along the highway that connects Srinagar, there are workshops where stonemasons can be seen working on stones, creating amazing artifacts with their hard work. These people are sawyers and carvers too, they are master masons and these stone carvers are called ‘Sang Taraash’ in Kashmiri.