Japanese government holds an event on disaster management in Singapore

Mar 07, 2019

Singapore, Mar 07 (ANI): Highly meaningful panel discussion was held in Singapore to discuss about pioneering disaster prevention. The event, “Threats vs Technology: Building resilient nations and business”, was hosted by Japanese Government. In the panel discussion, Professor Shunichi Koshimura and Mr. Riki Kitagawa were invited to conduct research and development of cutting-edge technology in Japan’s industry and academia. The tsunami prediction team Dr.Koshimura leads at Tohoku University is expanding its sphere of activity both domestically and overseas and he had already delivered results through its technical contributions to assessing tsunami damage and to make relief operations. Mr.Kitagawa, who leads the venture company, has developed a water circulation technology utilizing AI (Artificial Intelligence). Invited listeners were very much interested in Japan’s efforts towards overcoming the disaster. A power suit that is useful for post-disaster reconstructions work and a disaster shower package that can be used in disaster areas where water facilities have got damaged. At the booth of Hokkaido that suffered due to earthquake last year, specialty cookies were distributed. This was the message from a popular sightseeing spot Hokkaido. These exhibitions caught the maximum attention of the guests. In the world, the impact of climate change could increase disaster. It is important for Japan to provide disaster prevention and response know-how. Disaster prevention and reconstruction technologies utilizing in Japan’s innovation are contributing to the world. The panel “Threats vs Technology” provided good lesson all over the world.