Desperate Khalistani forces paint anti-India slogans on walls of a village in Punjab

Mar 09, 2019

Abohar (Punjab), March 09: Pro-Khalistan elements that have been trying to spit venom against India across the globe with their satanic anti-India campaigns have only been growing desperate after each failing attempt. After failing to garner any support from the Sikh community abroad, pro-Khalistan organisations like Sikhs For Justice have now started targeting villages in Punjab province of India, only to taste more failure as Indian Sikhs stay united to call out their bluff. Recently in Abohar town of Punjab, locals informed the Police of another smear campaign by Sikhs For Justice who painted “Khalistan Zindabad” and “Referendum 2020” on the walls of the town. These slogans were painted in black on the boundary wall of Ridhi Sidhi Colony and also on a milestone in the Industrial Focal Point near Alamgarh terminal on the Abohar-Sriganganagar road. This, however, is not the first time when Sikhs For Justice have tried to paint the walls inside India to garner support for their sinister plans. In 2017, the walls of a village in Bhathinda district too were similarly painted but the local populace remained unaffected and they too informed the police of the misdeeds by the Khlaistani miscreants. Last year, Sikhs For Justice had even tried to mislead a couple of gullible youths into supporting their campaign by affixing pro-Khalistan posters in parts of Punjab in return of huge cash that Sikhs For Justice would get from Pak’s intelligence agency the ISI. Supported and funded by the ISI, Sikhs For Justice have been carrying out Referendum 2020 campaigns across Europe but their attempts are failing miserably, which is making both SFJ as well as Islamabad desperate to try new methods. But surely, their attempts to make inroads into the sentiments of the Sikhs in India are failing as miserably as their Referendum 2020 campaigns in Europe and parts of America.