“Deeply concerned” US State Department Spokesperson Matthew Miller amid India-Canada diplomatic spat

Sep 26, 2023

India-Canada ties plunged after PM Justin Trudeau’s “absurd” and “motivated” allegations against India. Canadian PM alleged India’s involvement in the killing of Khalistani terrorist Hardeep Singh Nijjar. However, India outrightly rejected Canadian PM Justin Trudeau’s “absurd” and “motivated” claim. Meanwhile, US State Department Spokesperson Matthew Miller expressed deep concern about Justin Trudeau’s allegations. Matthew Miller stated that the US urged Indian government to cooperate with the Canadian investigation. The widening diplomatic rift after Nijjar’s death has raised concern over bilateral cooperation between both countries. Meanwhile, Canadian PM Trudeau facing flack for his “absurd” allegation against India not only at home but around the world. Now, reacting sharply on Trudeau’s allegations, Sri Lankan FM Ali Sabry said, “Terrorists have found safe haven in Canada”. Amid the ongoing conflict, Interpol has issued red corner notice against a 38-year-old Khalistani terrorist, Karanvir Singh.