CPEC paralysing Balochistan, says activists at UNHRC

Sep 18, 2019

Geneva (Switzerland), Sep 19 (ANI): Human rights experts and activists from Balochistan have opposed the construction of the multi-billion dollar China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) in the region alleging it as an "illegal project" in the occupied territory. A side event titled "Economic Development and Right to Liberty - debate on CPEC" was organised by Baloch Voice Association on the sidelines of the 42nd UN Human Rights Council session in Geneva. Siddique Azad Baloch, a Baloch activist and human rights defender said, "Chinese will outnumber Baloch people so they will be having double the population against Baloch people. So, the existence of the Baloch is in danger." He also demanded an immediate international intervention, especially India, to save Balochistan from its exploration and human rights abuses. "We have hopes from India. Balochistan is facing a major human rights crisis," the activist stressed. Meanwhile, Munir Mengal, President of Baloch Voice Association said, "The Balochs are suffering especially due to the CPEC, a project worth over 60 billion USD that only aims to plunder the resources of our region." He added, "You are looting our resources. You are eliminating us and what is our crime? Why are you eliminating our future generation, our kids, our infants? So, how is this project going to benefit our people? Yes, the government has tactfully succeeded since the last ten years by hiding the details of this project. No one knows about the projects and what is to be done to the whole region. The people are feared to get eliminated.”