Blooming cherry trees add to Yokohama’s beautiful landscape

Mar 07, 2019

Yokohama (Japan), Mar 07 (ANI): After cold Winter Japan is surrounded by warm spring, it is decollated by flourishing cherry blossom. Yokohama has many famous cherry blossom spots. Top season is prospected from March’s last week till second week of April. "Minato Mirai" harbor is a famous place for cherry blossom. Many cherry trees line up along the road. Tourist can enjoy cherry blossom with the background of modern buildings and blue color scenery of sea while walking along the road. In addition, a festival that exhibits a variety of flowers such as rose and Lily is held. The town is decorated not only with cherry blossom but also with other colorful flowers. “Ooka river” has 600 trees around river. Tourist can enjoy cherry blossom making banquet under the tree and embarking on the boat. At night many lanterns are lightup to illuminate cherry blossom trees with many petals floating on the river. Sankei garden is established in 1906. It is decorated by traditional Japanese buildings and garden. It holds night time watching event of cherry blossom. This event provides tourist fantastic atmosphere of line up cherry blossom and Japanese traditional pagoda. Every place of Yokohama city is surrounded by cherry blossom. Holy place for "Shintoism", this shrine is not an exception. Representative shrine "Iseyamakoutai" is also famous cherry blossom spot. It welcomes tourist guest with the gateway of "Shintoism" and shows beautiful scene and Japanese traditional atmosphere with dignity. Not only humans but animals too welcomes cherry blossom. In Nogeyama animal park 260 cherry trees are planted. There are 600 different kinds of Cherry trees in Japan. These trees in Yokohama are the typical "Someiyoshino" cherry varieties. In Yokohama City, most of "Someiyoshino" trees begin to bloom at the same time to create this beautiful scene. Every year Japan Metrological Agency declares date of bloom of cherry blossom based on "Someiyoshino"flowers; and this news is regarded as announcement of spring season. Cherry blossom is very familiar to Japanese as a symbol of spring. It is very cheerful season after the cold winter. This emotion is shared not only by Japanese but also by several foreigners.