GB activists expose Pakistani atrocities at United Nations

Sep 17, 2019

Geneva, Switzerland, September 17, 2019:- Pakistan’s double standards at global platform were exposed when a conference, held on the sidelines of the 42nd session of United Nations Human Rights Council, apprised media and audience of the status quo of the region. Various exiled GB leaders living in different parts of the globe gathered to educate people about the massive human rights violations being carried out with impunity by army and other state agencies of Pakistan. Activists accused Pakistan of illegally occupying the region for seven decades and misruling the people through different ways and means. They said the human rights situation in Gilgit Baltistan was grim and was constantly deteriorating with time. They however expressed their happiness with the decision of the Indian government who they said was truly working in the welfare of the citizens of Jammu and Kashmir unlike Pakistan whose words were shallow and sympathy was synthetic. They categorically said that Gilgit Baltistan was an integral part of India and deserved to be governed by New Delhi. These activists, who have earlier demanded reserved seats for Gilgit Baltistan in Indian parliament, urged New Delhi to step up its diplomacy in order to liberate the region from Pakistani clutches.