Alcohol consumption might be riskier to the heart than previously thought: Study

May 22, 2022

New Delhi, May 22 (ANI): According to a study, levels of alcohol consumption currently considered safe by some countries are linked with the development of heart failure. The study was published in the journal, 'Cardiology'. "This study adds to the body of evidence that a more cautious approach to alcohol consumption is needed," said study author Dr Bethany Wong of St. Vincent's University Hospital, Dublin, Ireland. "To minimise the risk of alcohol causing harm to the heart, if you don't drink, don't start. If you do drink, limit your weekly consumption to less than one bottle of wine or less than three-and-a-half 500 ml cans of 4.5 per cent beer," he added. Cardiovascular diseases are more prone in people who consume alcohol often Neurodevelopmental problems are estimated to be 3 times higher in alcohol addicts According to the World Health Organization, the European Union is the heaviest-drinking region in the world. While it is well recognised that long-term heavy alcohol use can cause a type of heart failure called alcoholic cardiomyopathy, evidence from Asian populations suggests that lower amounts may also be detrimental. "As there are genetic and environmental differences between Asian and European populations this study investigated if there was a similar relationship between alcohol and cardiac changes in Europeans at risk of heart failure or with pre-heart failure," said Dr Wong. Neurodevelopmental problems are estimated to be 3 times higher in alcohol addicts. The new study can help to highlight the negative consequences of alcohol consumption. "The mainstay of treatment for this group is the management of risk factors such as alcohol, so knowledge about safe levels is crucial," he added.