Activist Trupti Desai leaves for Shirdi Temple to remove ‘civilised dress’ board

Dec 10, 2020

Pune (Maharashtra), Dec 10 (ANI): Social activist Trupti Desai left for Shirdi Saibaba Temple on Dec 10. She has challenged to remove “dress in civilised costumes” board, hanged at the temple. Shri Saibaba Sansthan Trust barred Trupti from entering the temple premises. Triputi Desai said, “Shirdi Saibaba temple authorities put up a board to direct devotees to come in ‘civilised dress’ but devotees don’t need to follow such rules. We had appealed them with all due respect to remove that board but they didn’t take any desired action and even are taking action against us and issued notice to not enter in temple. No one is taking action against Shirdi Saibaba temple authorities. So, if somebody tries to suppress our voice, we won’t let it happen. As they are not removing the board, we’ll go today and do it.” A few days ago, authorities at holy shrine Shirdi Sai Baba Temple appealed devotees to dress in “civilized clothes” during their temple visit. Shri Saibaba Sansthan Trust in Maharashtra’s Shirdi has put up boards requesting devotees to wear “civilized costumes or as per Indian culture”.