Activist seeks India’s assistance to end human rights violations in Pak

Sep 18, 2019

Geneva (Switzerland), Sep 18 (ANI): Human Rights Activist from Pakistan Arif Aajakia on September 18 said that there is a need of India’s assistance to end human rights violation in Pakistan. He said that people in Pakistan expect that Indian leadership will solve their regional issues. “It’s an unfinished agenda, only article 370 revocation can’t solve problem of Kashmir. Gilgit-Baltistan, PoK is integral part of Kashmir and Kashmir being an integral part of India. A strong leadership was needed; not only Kashmir but Pakistan people also expect that Indian strong leadership will solve the regional issues. We ex-Indians suffered the mistakes of our ancestors now I urge to the Prime Minister of India and his government to take some action for us,” said Aajakia. He also slammed Pakistan over Kashmir by saying that if Kashmir is a dispute than it’s the dispute of India. “If Kashmir is a dispute than it’s the internal dispute of India, Pakistan invaded Kashmir and Pak is an occupier of PoK and Gilgit-Baltistan and I wish India will finish this unfinished job,” added Aajakia.