Yoon hosts 'housewarming' event in front yard of new presidential office

Yoon hosts 'housewarming' event in front yard of new presidential office

Jun 20, 2022

Seoul (South Korea), June20: President Yoon Suk-yeol hosted a "housewarming" event in the front yard of the presidential office in central Seoul on Sunday, inviting some 400 neighbors and others to celebrate the relocation of the office.
Living up to his campaign pledge, Yoon has moved the presidential office to the former defense ministry building in Yongsan from Cheong Wa Dae in line with his campaign pledge to connect better with people.
About 400 residents of Yongsan, young Afghan refugees and small business owners were invited to the event held in time for the completion of remodeling work at the defense ministry building, according to officials.
"I thank you for allowing me and the presidential office staff into Yongsan and giving us a warm welcome," Yoon said. "I will work harder."
"I think South Korea and the whole world will be able to become happier when South Koreans, currently in a difficult situation, and people across the world have the sense of becoming one and unite," the president noted.
The Sunday event included a flea market and a street food event, with small merchants operating around the presidential office taking part.
Yoon's wife, Kim Keon-hee, did not join the event due to "other engagements," according to officials.
Source: Yonhap