UAE Next Mastermind Awards 2024: Honoring Excellence in Healthcare, Aesthetics, Wellness

UAE Next Mastermind Awards 2024: Honoring Excellence in Healthcare, Aesthetics, Wellness

Feb 28, 2024

Dubai [UAE], February 28: The curtains rose on a stage ablaze with the brilliance of innovation and excellence as the illustrious UAE's Next MASTERMIND AWARDS 2024 took flight, an event transcending boundaries to honor the luminaries of HEALTHCARE AESTHETICS & WELLNESS. This prestigious gathering stood as a towering testament to the very essence of the UAE's values - tolerance, unity, and a relentless pursuit of greatness.
Crafted with meticulous care and guided by the visionary leadership duo of Dr. Mansoor Al Obeidli - the dynamic Founder & President of MastermInd Awards (Middle East Healthcare Digital Transformation Ambassador), and the illustrious Dr. Navana Kundu - Co-Founde & Entrepreneur, Bestselling Author, Therapist & Coach & Tedx Speaker, AIWA Events orchestrated an extravaganza of inspiration and empowerment.
A global convergence of masterminds, where industry titans, leaders, and innovators converged, each leaving an indelible mark on the landscape of community development. It's worth noting that these trailblazers descended upon Dubai from every corner of the globe, illuminating the event with their collective brilliance.
Amidst a galaxy of esteemed partners like Manarah Edtech and Bedazzled, the event boasted a stellar cast of luminaries:
Guest of Honor: Mohan Jashanmal - The Luminary Regional General Manager of Jashanmal National Company LLC
Honorary Awardees and VIP Guests:
* Dr. Rashad Haddad - The Visionary President of the World Academy of Regenerative & Aesthetic Gynecology
* Dr. Daniel Sipple (USA) - The Innovator, Patent Holder of Smart Needle Technology & Founder of Acies Medical
* Marisa Peer (USA) - The Transformational Force Behind Rapid Transformational Therapy
* Dr. Michael Bitzer - The Entrepreneurial Dynamo & Seasoned Insurance CEO
* Dr. Nahyan Al Helal - The Trailblazing First Emirati Doctor in Occupational Health & Medicine
* Dr. Sameera Al Obeidli - The Maverick Neurodisabilities & rehab Director of NMC Healthcare, Pioneering Telemedicine in the UAE
* Ravi Tipparaju - The Educational Visionary, Steering NeuroSpinal Hospital's Training and Development
Special Brand Launch: A momentous unveiling marked the debut of NeuroGlove, a groundbreaking non-invasive therapy medical device, first time in the UAE spearheaded by the pioneering Co-Founder Thomas Harold who also received the Honorary Award for his innovation. This device promises revolutionary treatments for a myriad of neurological disorders, from Traumatic Brain Injury to Stress Reduction.
The air buzzed with excitement as the event also saw the release of the captivating audiobook "Emotional Mastery - Toolkit for Success" by Dr. Navana Kundu, Msc.D, a global bestseller that has touched countless lives along with the official announcement of her upcoming book, "Dare to Meditate - A Handbook for Beginners"
Inspirational Awardees such as Dr. Nahla Kazim, Dr. Khaled Sewify (Saudi Arabia), Dr. Adel Alsisi, Dr. Amal Al Mulla, and Dr. Jennifer Kaur were lauded for their remarkable contributions.
The stage also welcomed the captivating Keynote Speaker, Dr. Mucio Porto from Brazil, alongside Outstanding Leader Awardees Dr. Muhammad Anas, Ajay Chaturvedi, Prof. Dr. Ahmed Abogamal, and Sumayya Falke. The coveted Mastermind Author Healthcare award was bestowed upon Prof. Dr. Janusz Jankowski, honoring his invaluable contributions to the field.
In addition to these luminaries, the event celebrated a plethora of inspirational and outstanding leaders, each a beacon of innovation and excellence in their respective fields:
Dr Hanan Al Mheiri, Prof Dr Massimo Piracci, Dr Suraj Pawar, Dr Vibha Sharma, Natalia Nesteruk, Dr Joseph Kunnirickal, Dr Radha Patil, Jacqueline Adormeo, Manal Ali Ahmad, Dr Satendra K Multani, Sagar Dugani, Sheetal Mihir, Dr Swagatika Mishra, Dr Tejashree Singh, Tina Kamdar, Dr Rini Kuruvilla, Mohamed Ishaq, Kunjan Singh, Bhavisha Soni, Athanasia Prentza, Dr Raed Rtail, Pankaj Sohaney, Dr Ehab Mohammad, Dr Garima Khandelwal, Prof Dr Rita Sakr, Dr Bahareh Arbabi, Dr Mina Said, Dr Firas Arnaout, Dr Wafaa Faysal, Farah Divba, Uma Kubsad, Elvan Sener, Dr Amena Sadiya, Sanghmitra Singh, Dr Remya Nirmala, Dr Anoop James, Dr Duaa Abdulmohsen, Dr Walaa Abdelrahman, Drypskin Clinic, Diana Smirnova, Prof Dr Uzma Zaidi, Dr Rafia Owera, Dr Sandra Takla
Media partners such as Medgate Today and Xclusive People Magazine, in collaboration with wellness partner The Green Revolution, united in a symphony of excellence, defining the very essence of the UAE's Next MASTERMIND AWARDS. Celebrity Emcee Joe Mohan hosted the grand event captivating the audience.
But, dear reader, this is merely the beginning of an extraordinary journey! Stay tuned for the announcement of the next UAE's Next Mastermind Awards & Conference - Healthcare I Aesthetics I Wellness I Digital Transformation, scheduled for November 2024.
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