Troops to Ukraine: Latvia agrees, Spain doesn't

Troops to Ukraine: Latvia agrees, Spain doesn't

Feb 29, 2024

Kiev [Ukraine], February 29: Latvia is not opposed to the deployment of Western troops in Ukraine, after French President Emmanuel Macron on Monday said sending Western troops there has not been "ruled out," but Spain, following Germany and other EU countries, opposes this.
"Latvia continues to examine many different ways to strengthen support for Ukraine. Should the NATO allies reach an agreement on the deployment of troops to Ukraine, Latvia would consider participating," a spokesman for the Defence Ministry told DPA on Wednesday when asked.
Latvia has been providing military support since the beginning of the war two years ago, including weapons, and has also been training Ukrainian soldiers in Latvia and with allies, he said.
But on Wednesday, Spanish Foreign Minister Jose Manuel Albares categorically ruled out sending Spanish military personnel to the war zone.
"There will be no Spanish troops in Ukraine, of course not, because we want peace, which is exactly what the Ukrainian government wants," Albares said in parliament in Madrid on Wednesday.
On Monday following a conference in Paris on Ukraine aid, France's president went on to say: "But nothing can be ruled out in the dynamic. We will do everything necessary to ensure that Russia cannot win this war."
Germany and Poland have rejected the move since.
Source: Qatar Tribune