This Festive Season, Doodhvale introduces 100 per cent Pure Milk Khoya, spearheading the fight against adulteration

This Festive Season, Doodhvale introduces 100 per cent Pure Milk Khoya, spearheading the fight against adulteration

Sep 26, 2023

New Delhi [India], September 26: Doodhvale, a pioneer in the production and delivery of pure, farm fresh and unadulterated dairy products, is pleased to introduce its newest product: 100% Pure Milk Khoya. As part of our ongoing commitment to combating adulteration in the dairy sector, we are pleased to broaden our product line to include Khoya, a staple component especially during the festive season and after.
Khoya has traditionally played a significant part in conventional Indian desserts and sweets throughout the celebrations of the festival season. Consumers are becoming increasingly concerned about the widespread adulteration of Khoya. Doodhvale understands the significance of authenticity as well as purity during these holiday times, and we are delighted to be the industry's first organised player to confront this issue head-on by providing 100% Farm-fresh Pure Milk Khoya.          
Doodhvale emerged as the initial organised participant in the sector to deliver 100% Pure Milk Khoya within a period of 24 to 36 hours after milking, in a ground-breaking step. This approach is totally aligned with our goal of providing top-notch pure dairy products to all of our clientele.
What exactly Makes Doodhvale's Khoya Unique:
- Doodhvale's Khoya is prepared from 100% pure milk, which is acquired straight from our own trusted dairy suppliers. We employ stringent procedures for quality assurance to ensure that each batch of Khoya is free of adulterants.
- Our Khoya is made within a period of 24 to 36 hours of milking to ensure optimal freshness and nutritional content. Quality is emphasised throughout the production process.
- Doodhvale's Khoya is subjected to stringent inspection for purity, consistency & taste. We are dedicated to providing clients with the true flavour and texture that they expect from quality Khoya.
- Comes in a hygienic vacuum packing at one of the most affordable rates, Doodhvale aims to reach broader masses across the country with the finest quality of Khoya,
This holiday season, join Doodhvale in celebrating purity:
Doodhvale asks you to embrace purity and honesty in your celebrations as the festive season approaches. You may enjoy the authentic flavours of your favourite seasonal sweets and meals with our 100% Pure Milk Khoya without fear.
Doodhvale stays committed to revolutionising the dairy business by maintaining the utmost purity and quality of our products. Our commitment to preventing adulteration is steadfast and we are going to keep evolving to suit our consumers' changing requirements.
Please visit our website at or download our Mobile App for any additional details with regard to Doodhvale's 100% Pure Milk Khoya plus our other pure dairy products.
Doodhvale is a tech-enabled Direct-to-Consumer (D2C) Dairy and Daily Essentials firm that produces and delivers high-quality, farm-fresh items to consumers' doorsteps. Doodhvale is dedicated to revolutionizing the dairy sector by offering a varied selection of products that embrace innovation and consumer satisfaction.
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