Russian diplomat qualifies U.S. "democracy summit" as "chimerical"

Russian diplomat qualifies U.S. "democracy summit" as "chimerical"

Nov 13, 2021

Moscow (Russia) Nov 13: The so-called Summit for Democracy proposed by the United States will be "another chimerical instrument" meant to show that the West has a constructive and consolidating agenda, a Russian diplomat has said.
"But a consolidating agenda should include concrete practical measures, not just theoretical speculations that will end up in yet another scandal," Russian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Maria Zakharova said in a recent interview with the Rossiya-1 TV channel.
Zakharova said she believes that even the United States and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization understand that it would not be right to form another military coalition after their "incompetent failures" in Iraq, Libya and Afghanistan.
"But something of a global scale that would instill a sense of unity in the Western world could work," Zakharova said.
U.S. President Joe Biden plans to host a virtual summit in December that will allegedly "focus on challenges and opportunities facing democracies."
By hosting the summit, Washington aims to divide countries into "democracies" and "non-democracies," and then "full" and "conditional" democracies, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said earlier this month.
This is because Americans want to have as many "extras" as possible like in a movie to create a vision that the United States-headed movement for democracy is popular, Lavrov said.
Source: Xinhua