Russia - Iran get out of trouble with new ideas

Russia - Iran get out of trouble with new ideas

May 20, 2023

Moscow [Russia], May 20: Russia and Iran have just signed an investment agreement of $ 1.7 billion to build a new railway connecting the two countries.
This railway is linked with the North-South International Transport Corridor, which has been formed for many years, connecting Russia, Iran, India, Azerbaijan and a number of other Asian and European countries, including transportation by road, rail and sea.
This cooperation and investment project elevates Russia- Iran relations when both are politically isolated by the US, EU and its allies, surrounded, embargoed and sanctioned economically. In such a situation, the above project, along with attaching more importance to the North-South International Transport Corridor, has great long-term strategic significance for the two countries. Moscow and Tehran are building a new intercontinental transport route, which runs from north to south and could become an alternative to transport routes through the Suez Canal. Changing transportation networks means changing global supply chain networks. Thereby, Russia and Iran can reduce the pressure from the sanctions of the US, EU and allies.
Therefore, the opposing sides of Russia and Iran will certainly not let the above project succeed easily, because otherwise Moscow and Tehran will not only escape difficulties, but also have a new trump card in the global geopolitical game. demand, there are new ways to build a new game. That is the way to help Russia and Iran actively lead the game.
Source: Thanh Nien Newspaper