Russia bans former US President Barack Obama

Russia bans former US President Barack Obama

May 20, 2023

Moscow [Russia], May 20: Russia announced sanctions against 500 Americans, including former President Barack Obama, in response to Washington's latest embargo.
The Russian Foreign Ministry announced on May 19 that it had banned 500 Americans from traveling to Russia in response to the embargo imposed by the administration of US President Joe Biden.
Among those subject to sanctions are not only dignitaries such as former President Barack Obama , but also current and former senior officials, leaders of defense companies that supply weapons to Ukraine, according to the report. TASS.
Parliamentarians, experts, staff of policy research organizations... are also included in Russia's embargo list.
Specifically, in addition to Obama, Russia also banned the entry of two former ambassadors John Tefft and Jon Huntsman, Air Force Secretary Frank Kendall and former Deputy Secretary Gina Jones, Navy Secretary Carlos del Toro, Army General David Stewart , Deputy White House press secretary Olivia Dalton. Other TV presenters and comedians include Jimmy Kimmel, Seth Meyers, policy adviser Rachel Bauman, Federal Reserve Vice Chairman Michael Barr, news host Erin Burnett's Erin Burnett. CNN.
In total, 1,844 Americans are on Russia's sanctions list.
Earlier, also on May 19, the US announced sanctions on more than 300 individuals and entities related to Russia, in a move to prevent Moscow from continuing its military campaign in Ukraine, according to Reuters.
Those subject to sanctions include businessmen, companies accused of helping Russia buy raw materials and technology products, Russian importers, educational and research institutes, and dozens of planes and ships. involving Moscow and the Wagner mercenary company.
On the other hand, Russia has also rejected the latest US request for consular contact with The Wall Street Journal 's Evan Gershkovich , who is being held in Russia on charges of espionage. This action is a response to the US refusal in April to grant visas to the Russian press delegation accompanying Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov to work at the United Nations headquarters in New York City (USA).
Source: Thanh Nien Newspaper