ReThink HR: Gaining in-depth knowledge of employees' and employers' view on organizational responsibilities

ReThink HR: Gaining in-depth knowledge of employees' and employers' view on organizational responsibilities

Mar 23, 2023

Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], March 23 (ANI/SRV): Embracing HR change is crucial in today's fast-paced business environment, where work, workforce, and workplace are continuously evolving. HR professionals must stay updated on the latest trends and adapt to the changes to remain relevant and meet the needs of the workforce. Sapphire Connect recently held the 3rd Annual ReThink HR Conclave in Mumbai on the 14th of March 2023 at Hotel Taj Santacruz, Mumbai. The conclave was a huge success and witnessed around 25+ speakers and 150+ delegates.
Our Guest of Honour Umar Ali Shaikh, Chief Executive Officer, Atos India and Member of Thought Leaders of India during his talk on 'HR Leaders: CEO's True Partners' said, "My most favorite lines are if you consider a CEO of any organization as an entrepreneur, where he has to also think like an entrepreneur, one key source that an entrepreneur needs to have been not know everything. You should be knowing who knows it & one must try and ensure that those who know it, you command respect to them and you do not command respect by making your presence felt."

HR professionals need to recognize that the workforce is becoming more diverse, and employees' expectations regarding work are changing. They must embrace flexibility in work schedules and accommodate individual needs and preferences to create a positive work environment. During the panel on 'Employee experience, engagement, and well-being in the Future of Work, Workforce & Workplace' when asked what the gaps in wellness while working remotely or hybrid, Dr Tanaya Mishra, Vice President & Head of Human Resources (India), Endo International said, "Wellness becomes center stage. In wellness, there are three aspects that is financial, mental, and physical. For us, as HR Professionals it was important to keep the employer at center stage and understand what is that we wanted to do." Adding to this Ruhie Pande, CHRO, Godrej Capital, said, "When teams are working hybrid there is the flexibility that comes very naturally but challenges that happen like there will be a breakthrough of how do you assimilate the employees in your culture and secondly how do you ensure that the managers are equipped enough to engage with them."
Employees who wish to transition to a new position inside their present organization must reskill. Traditional L&D methods will need to change for an upskilling strategy to create a data-driven culture to be effective. When asked about the importance of Reskilling, Upskilling & Redeploying, Janhavi Sukhtankar, Head - HR, Lodha Group, expressed her perception and said, "Can we talk about capability building, can we talk about creating growth journeys for our people, can we tall them that we all are in this together. It is not the HR or Business Manager and then the employees for whom we are doing this. It is for all of us together to make the organization future ready."
HR transformation doesn't have to include a radical overhaul or significant shift. The HR function needs to be improved, even if just a little, by CHROs in order to better integrate people, strategy, procedures, and technology with business objectives and produce a greater impact for all stakeholders. During the panel on "Web 3.0: Transforming HR tech to be more Agile, Data-Centric and AI-driven" talking about how Technology has made employees self-reliant, Avijit Bhattacharya, Chief Human Resources Officer, Tata Capital said, "What technology has done to HR is that it has actually moved a lot of services to the employees on a self-service mode. Today not many people ask us what are my leave balances, what are the policies, they can do that on their own which therefore freezes them up on many of these services aspects of HR."

The conclave also organized Speed Connect an exclusive one-of-its-kind opportunity for recruitment agencies and academic institutions who had the chance to meet from an extensive list of employment partners. The Speed Connect witnessed around 75+ Employment partners, 125+ Recruitment partners, 100+ Academic partners and 150+ MOU's at the event. Mukesh Solanki, Director, Ananta Resource Management who attended as an Agency Partner said, "We got the opportunity to connect with 10 Employers and we succeeded to signed 9 MOU. It was like being a specialist for the recruitment of account and finance professionals got well connected with the employers such as NBFC, banks, and consulting companies. Once again thanks for the opportunity and we shall be looking forward to such more opportunities."
Talking about the ReThink HR Conclave, Rishi Kapoor, Partner & Business Head, Sapphire Connect said, "It is important to build a culture of learning where employees are encouraged and empowered to adopt the 'trial and refinement' processes. Creating an environment where employees can learn from making honest mistakes drives a culture of learning and opens new doors. The HR function is no longer about rules, it is much more than that, ReThink HR Conclave acts as a platform to discuss these critical parameters which need to be focused on for a better and more efficient approach to take a human, supportive and rewarding approach towards employees."
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