Pune's teachers built the "By Teachers App" to revolutionize the Post-Covid Hybrid Education for coaching institutes

Pune's teachers built the "By Teachers App" to revolutionize the Post-Covid Hybrid Education for coaching institutes

Sep 08, 2022

New Delhi [India], September 8 (ANI/SRV): Academic-Tech startup By Teachers launches Hybrid Coaching App that empowers the Coaching Institute to become a 'Hybrid Learning Center'.
This App helps Coaching Institutes take a smooth transition to Hybrid Mode and meet the flexible learning needs of the students in the Post-Covid era.
Now, the 'Hybrid Learning center' can be managed at the fingertips with By Teachers App features like Course planning, Class schedule, Daily Time Table, Duel Teaching Mode with Class Recording, Automatic Attendance, Homework, Share Study Material, Student Topic wise Feedback, Review, Rating, etc. It is just beginning, and they are coming up with features for the entire Learning Journey in Hybrid Mode.
"With By Teachers Hybrid Coaching App, Coaching Institute can upgrade to 'Hybrid Learning Center' and offer benefits of both classroom and online learning modes to their students, and students can get Flexible and Personalized Learning experiences. This App manages everything and helps cut down the cost of running coaching by almost 40%," said Anoop Mistra, Co-Founder of By Teachers.
He further added, "The Institute had faced huge challenges in Covid for survival so adopted the online mode of Coaching. In Covid, thousands of teachers faced the camera for the first time but even managed to teach students online. As solely online education does not make students competitive for 'entrance exams', coaching and mentoring are a must. Edtech has realized it, built the technology, and begun launching 'Hybrid Coaching Centers'. And, Big Coaching Institutions are also partnering with Edtech to follow the same path."
Covid led almost 50 per cent of the Coaching Institute to shut down, and the remaining are struggling badly to compete with big players. In the future, 20 per cent of coaching institutes will replace the outdated 80 per cent. The time has come when institutes need to change for survival. They must provide better learning experiences, at the most affordable cost.
We, teachers, have witnessed how education evolved with time. In the Pre Covid era, the way of teaching was only confined to the physical classrooms. Suddenly Covid pandemic disrupted the world and forced us to adopt online modes of education. And, now the Post Covid era is of Hybrid education.
3 steps will help to survive coaching classes -
Start Hybrid Learning Centers to retain your students
The value-Added offering will help you to enroll more students
Smart Hybrid Class Management App will reduce the operation cost
The existing Coaching App does not solve operational challenges in running the Hybrid Classroom. Anoop himself taught thousands of students in Hybrid mode for almost the last one and a half years. And he understood all the challenges and developed a solid process to manage the Hybrid class. And then with his younger brother Anshul, he turned the process into technology.
Anshul says, "Technology is the backbone of today's digital era but alone it can't help. Understanding the core process is the biggest challenge, so only the Educator can understand better the pain points in teaching rather than random Tech or Business Guys. Edtech companies have expertise in Technology rather than Academics".
Anoop began his journey as a Teacher by teaching in a few schools and then started their after-school tutoring center when he was in just his 2nd year of Computer Engineering, and to date, he has taught and mentored 10,000+ JEE and NEET students.
After graduating from IIT BHU in Computer Engineering, and working in a few reputed tech organizations for several years, Anshul joined his brother in 2017 as Cofounder of By Teachers and began mentoring JEE/NEET Aspirants.
Being Educationalists for a decade, the Mishra brothers understand the Teaching and Learning methods in and out, one can not just bring the solution with a few random features, and then test, and iterate till they solve. Teaching and Learning are complex processes having plenty of challenges that affect all stakeholders equally, so a solution to just one or few does not help, solving all together is the only way.
Join our mission to revolutionize Post-Covid Hybrid Education for Coaching Institutes.
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