Optimum Nutrition and Inspire Institute of Sport Empower Athletes with Sports Nutrition Education to Unlock More

Optimum Nutrition and Inspire Institute of Sport Empower Athletes with Sports Nutrition Education to Unlock More

Feb 28, 2024

BusinessWire India
Vijayanagar (Karnataka) [India], February 28: Strengthening its ongoing collaboration with the Inspire Institute of Sport (IIS), Optimum Nutrition, the World's number 1 sports nutrition brand, conducted series of a Sports Nutrition Masterclasses recently. This advocacy event was aimed to educate athletes on the significance of sports nutrition, and the right use of supplements to unlock more performance.
With Optimum Nutrition's unwavering dedication to supporting athletes worldwide, the masterclass provided invaluable training directly to the athletes. The event featured comprehensive sessions, including facility tours, athlete interactions, and insightful panel discussions with experienced nutritionists and coaches. Esteemed educators, such as Nutritionist Avanti Deshpande and Registered Dietitian Soniya Nikam, who also serves as the Brand Advocacy and Education Manager for Glanbia Performance Nutrition, led the informative sessions.
Dr Crionna Tobin, Head of Science & Education, International, Glanbia Performance Nutrition, emphasized the crucial role of educating athletes about sports nutrition in shaping their careers. "Proper nutrition is the cornerstone of athletic performance and longevity. By providing athletes with knowledge and understanding of sports nutrition, we empower them to make informed choices that positively impact their performance, recovery, and overall health. Investing in education today not only enhances their performance on the field but also safeguards their future by mitigating the risks associated with misinformation and improper supplementation."

Satyavrat Pendharkar, Regional Vice President - Greater China, South Asia & META, Glanbia Performance Nutrition, reaffirmed their flagship brand Optimum Nutrition's unwavering commitment to athletes worldwide. "At Optimum Nutrition, we comprehend the pivotal role nutrition plays in the journey of every athlete. Through initiatives like 'The Right Protein' advocacy campaign, we aim to equip athletes with the knowledge and resources they need to make informed decisions about their nutrition. Together with IIS, we strive to ensure that athletes have access to the right information and support to fuel their success both on and off the field."
Rushdee Warley, CEO, IIS, said, "We are delighted to join hands with Optimum Nutrition and conduct what was a very important session for our athletes. At the IIS, we hold ourselves to the highest standards in every aspect of sport, and conduct. Optimum Nutrition provides us with informed-choice certified supplement products which gives us confidence about the safety and quality of the products our athletes are consuming. All our collaborations aim to give our athletes the best chance to succeed, and education initiatives like these are a step in that direction."

In an age of widespread misinformation, the masterclass tackled critical concerns surrounding athletes' nutritional practices.
"I am honored to be associated with Optimum Nutrition, a brand trusted by athletes worldwide for more than 35 years. As an Optimum Nutrition athlete, I believe that this initiative will empower athletes to make informed choices, unlocking their true potential and contributing to their overall success in the world of sports. Together, we aim to inspire and fuel the next generation of champions," said Neeraj Chopra.
Key athletes who were the part of masterclass acquired essential knowledge on the types, usage, quality, and safety of sports nutrition supplements, arming them with the tools to optimize their performance safely and unlock their full potential to achieve peak performance through proper sports nutrition.
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