New teamLab Borderless museum opens in central Tokyo

New teamLab Borderless museum opens in central Tokyo

Feb 09, 2024

Tokyo [Japan], February 9: A museum showcasing the works of the Japanese digital art collective teamLab opened Friday in Tokyo's new landmark Azabudai Hills complex.
TeamLab Borderless: Mori Building Digital Art Museum, located in Japan's newly-opened Azabudai Hills, houses around 50 works that make full use of projectors and various lights, featuring a "world of artworks without boundaries."
At a recent sneak peek event showcasing the new works, Takashi Kudo, communications director at teamLab, told Xinhua that teamLab tried to make this new home even more borderless and interactive where visitors will become part of the exhibition as their presence will affect the artworks.
There are no boundaries between artworks and visitors, Kudo said, adding that this is a museum without a map where people can walk freely around the space and see so many artworks communicate with one other.
Tickets for the museum are priced from 3,800 yen (about 25.4 U.S. dollars) for those over 18, while visitors under that age can enter at a discounted price.
Previously housed in the city's Odaiba district, the original teamLab Borderless museum, known for its immersive installations using cutting-edge technology, opened in 2018 and set a Guinness World Record for the world's most visited museum dedicated to a single art group after attracting around 2.2 million visitors in 2019.
The museum closed in August 2022 to make way for its relocation to the central Tokyo venue.
The art collective has opened temporary and permanent exhibitions in Japan and around the world, including in cities such as New York City, London and Beijing.
Source: Xinhua