Netanyahu Creates Russian Language Channel on Telegram

Netanyahu Creates Russian Language Channel on Telegram

Jan 14, 2021

Tel Aviv (Israel), January 14: Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Wednesday created a Russian language channel on the Telegram messaging app.
The description of the channel dubbed netaniahurus indicates that this is Netanyahu's official channel. Dmitry Gendelman, adviser to the prime minister and head of the Likud party's campaign in Russian language, confirmed this information to Sputnik.
The channel will publish all the important news covering Netanyahu's activities as prime minister and leader of Likud, according to the official.
On Tuesday, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan launched an official channel on Telegram in Turkish language, which has already gained over 190,000 followers. Experts believe that the popularity of Telegram is growing due after developers of the WhatsApp messenger updated the user agreement, adding a provision on personal data transfer to Facebook.
Source: Sputnik