Kuwait Taekwondo Spectacle ends in style, participants honoured

Kuwait Taekwondo Spectacle ends in style, participants honoured

May 16, 2023

Kuwait City [Kuwait], May 16: Ambassador of the Republic of Korea to Kuwait Chung Byung-ha honored officials and participants at the Kuwait Taekwondo Spectacle 2023. He expressed his sincere gratitude to Kuwait Taekwondo Federation and Korean Community in Kuwait for all their support. The ambassador also thanked all the players who have competed in Ambassador's Cup Championship for the last couple of days.
"Taekwondo is a well-known traditional martial art of Korea. As we speak, around 100 million Taekwondo practitioners worldwide are strengthening their body and mind through this wonderful sport. As such, few other things can be referred to as a better example than Taekwondo for becoming global from being local. In Kuwait, Korean Taekwondo masters have set out to instruct Taekwondo since the 1980s. Now we assume more than 4,000 people are practicing this martial art in Kuwait," he said.
Taekwondo has held a special place in the sport history of Kuwait. The very first medal Kuwait won at the Olympics was by Mohammad Al-Qaimi's bronze medal in Taekwondo in 1992 in Barcelona. From then on, Kuwait has been one of the active countries in this Olympic sport, winning medals in various competitions. Kukkiwon Taekwondo demonstration team performed during the event. Kukkiwon refers to the world Taekwondo headquarter. Its demonstration team has enjoyed the global reputation for its mastery of skill and performance.
Source: Kuwait Times