KLM Axiva Finvest to raise up to Rs 15,000 lakhs via non-convertible debentures

KLM Axiva Finvest to raise up to Rs 15,000 lakhs via non-convertible debentures

Aug 26, 2023

Kochi (Kerala) [India], August 26: KLM Axiva Finvest Ltd has announced the Company's ninth public issue of secured redeemable non-convertible debentures with a face value of Rs 1000. The base public issue size is Rs 7,500 lakhs and the public issue limit will be with an option to retain over-subscription up to Rs 7,500 lakhs, aggregating up to Rs 15,000 lakhs with an option for additional subscription up to Rs 75 crores. The NCD issue opened on 24th August 2023 and will be closed on 6th September 2023.
The NCDs have ten different options for individual investors to choose from. Investors have 10 different options for applying in the NCD Issue. Effective yield Returns will be at the rates of the various investment options ranging from 9.38 per cent to 11.02 per cent p.a. On various investment options having face value is Rs 1000, with multiple investment tenure options ranging from 400 days to 82 months and the minimum deposit amount is Rs 5,000 (5 NCDs).
All the previous public issues of KLM Axiva Finvest Ltd in the past were oversubscribed and have achieved minimum subscription. Investors can apply for NCDs through the branches of the Company and through BSE online platform. Application forms are available at 
, BSE India Official website and Vivro official website. All investors proposing to participate in the public issue of NCDs by KLM Axiva Finvest Limited should invest only on the basis of information contained in the Prospectus. Please see the section entitled “Risk Factors” beginning on page 17 of the Prospectus for risk in this regard.
'Entire funds raised through the NCD will be utilized for onward lending, financing and repayment/prepayment of principal and interest on existing borrowings expansion of the gold loan business and widening of the branches across the country", said T P Srinivasan, Chairman, KLM Axiva Finvest Ltd.
Kindly contact at +91-9961033333 for any further information regarding the Public Issue.
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