Kim Jong-un inspects drills and directs the army to prepare for war

Kim Jong-un inspects drills and directs the army to prepare for war

Mar 10, 2023

Pyongyang [North Korea], March 10: North Korean leader Kim Jong-un oversaw an offensive firing drill on March 9 and directed his army to train for war.
The Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) reported on March 10 that leader Kim Jong-un inspected a Hwasong artillery unit in western North Korea on March 9. Kim's daughter Kim Ju-ae was also present at the event.
There, Mr. Kim gave instructions and observed an offensive firing drill by the unit in charge of striking the enemy's airfield on the western Korean front.
The leader highly appreciated the fact that the entire force is intensifying combat and political training in the spirit of readiness to perform tasks.
The aforementioned unit launched a series of powerful weapons against targets in the waters west of North Korea, and Kim expressed satisfaction with the results of the drills, and highly appreciated the artillery unit members who were ready. ready to react to a real war.
South Korea's military announced on March 9 that it had detected North Korea launching a short-range ballistic missile from the western port city of Nampho into the Yellow Sea, the sea between China and the Korean peninsula at 6:20 p.m. local time. side), according to Yonhap.
In the KCNA report, leader Kim Jong-un stressed the importance of the army being ready to fight at any time, instructing the army to always "be on the lookout for any frenzied acts of preparation for war" that the opponent has recently waged.
The statement could refer to the US and South Korean air exercises this week involving the US military's nuclear-capable B-52 heavy bombers.
Kim also stressed that strike units must strictly prepare for the implementation of two strategic missions. The first is to prevent war and the second is to take the initiative in war, by intensifying many exercises that simulate "real war" under various scenarios.
Source: ThanhNien Newspaper