IYDF Asia-Pacific Office Signs Regional Cooperation Memorandum with India World Children's Fund

IYDF Asia-Pacific Office Signs Regional Cooperation Memorandum with India World Children's Fund

Jul 10, 2024

BusinessWire India
New Delhi [India], July 10: Guided by Huan Wei, the Director of External Affairs at the International Youth Development Foundation's (IYDF) Asia-Pacific Office, a humanitarian observer group arrived at the headquarters of the India World Children's Fund (WCF) on July 7, warmly welcomed by Ravi Sharma of the Indian WCF. On the subsequent day, the IYDF delegation delved into comprehensive discussions with scholars and staff of the Indian WCF about differentiated humanitarian aid for children in the region.

In the presence of Professor Rahul Singh, a leading researcher at the India Office of Charitable Affairs, the two parties signed the "Regional Cooperation Memorandum." Ravi Sharma revealed that the World Children's Fund has forged beneficial partnerships and collaborative projects with various IYDF branches across several countries in the Asia-Pacific region. The Indian WCF enthusiastically endorses and supports the array of humanitarian aid initiatives that IYDF has lined up for India this year. Sharma conveyed his aspiration for IYDF to sustain robust cooperation with the Indian WCF in future humanitarian efforts in India, as it has in other countries in the Asia-Pacific, to jointly promote the progress of regional humanitarian projects.

During the exchange, Huan Wei highlighted that India, as one of the globe's most populous nations, has witnessed undeniable economic acceleration in recent years. However, this growth has also intensified the disparity in wealth, leading to challenges such as the unequal distribution of educational resources and a shortage of quality education. IYDF has always adhered to its founding principles, aspiring to foster enduring partnerships with more humanitarian agencies, regional businesses, and government units in India, collectively striving to transform the futures of children.

The execution of this "Regional Cooperation Memorandum" signifies a critical milestone in the collaboration between IYDF and the Indian WCF in the field of humanitarian aid. Both parties are committed to strengthening cooperation and advancing more meaningful projects to improve the living conditions and educational environments of children in the region.
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