ISC Class 12 Board Exams 2023: Datesheet Out! Subject-Wise Effective Exam Strategy to Prepare & Revise

ISC Class 12 Board Exams 2023: Datesheet Out! Subject-Wise Effective Exam Strategy to Prepare & Revise

Dec 03, 2022

New Delhi [India], December 3 (ANI/Oswaal Books): CISCE announced the ISC Class 12 Board Exam 2023 Datesheet | Timetable for the students appearing for the Class 12 ISC Board Exams 2023. As per the dates given, the ISC 12th Board Exams 2023 will begin on February 13, 2023.
CISCE has also mentioned several guidelines for students along with ISC Class 12 Datesheet | Time Table for 2023 Board Exams. The Council has directed candidates to be seated in the examination hall/room five minutes before the time fixed for the start of the examination in the subject. All the candidates arriving late will be required to give a satisfactory explanation and reason to the Supervising Examiner. Except in exceptional circumstances, the exam paper will not be given to any candidate who is more than half an hour late," CISCE said in a statement.
For ISC Class 12 Datesheet |Timetable for the 2023 Board Exams, go to the official CISCE website, i.e.,

Students are advised to adhere to the CISCE exam day guidelines to avoid any inconveniences. If a candidate is found indulging in any unfair means, will be reported to the Chief Executive and Secretary of CISCE and may be expelled from the examination hall forthwith and refused admission to subsequent Examination Papers.
Let's dive straight into the Subject-wise Effective Exam Strategies to Prepare and Win for ISC 2023 Board Exams:-
(A) ISC Class 12 Commerce Preparation Tips 2023
- The disciplines such as Economics and Accounting provide certain difficulties to students. For ISC 12th Class Commerce Preparation, here's what students should do -
- In the Accounting part, attempt to answer the Numerical questions, as they are most scoring and easy to solve.
- At least 2 weeks before the test, try to finish the syllabus, and use the final 10 days for comprehensive revisions.
- Also, ISC Class 12th Previous Year Question Papers are important to understand the kinds of questions asked in actual Board Examination.
- To be confident enough and to provide enough focus for efficacious revisions with ISC Class 12 Specimen Sample Papers | Question Banks 2022-23. In order to decode the Exam Pattern & get Exam-ready, Extensive Practice of ISC Specimen Sample Papers is required. So, in order to have top-notch Exam-practice, students need to solve extra
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- Understanding the syllabus well and in the early stage is Important and Students should be strict accordingly.
- Also, understand all the concepts to answer the Theory Questions more easily.
- Also, never forget to Solve Past Years' Question Papers and read the Examiners' Comments to write Winning Answers. Also read the Commonly Made Errors to avoid Silly Mistakes.
- Go through full forms of the formulae in all Accounting Concepts for Scoring Optimal Marks.
- Estimate the time required for attempting both Short and Long Answer Type Questions and for both Attempting and Revising the Answers.
(A) ISC Class 12 Science & Maths Preparation Tips 2023
- According to the current Exam Guidelines released by CISCE officials, the Exam will include more competency and implementation questions, therefore, students must address the issues in a more practical manner.
- In Long Answer Type Questions, derivations hold potential importance. Understanding each stage to write the proper answers in the Exam, is critical to ensure success in ISC board Exam 2023.
- Moreover, memorizing the formulae used to solve the numerical problems is always helpful.
- In chemistry in particular, students should start with simple principles like Coordination Compounds and Physical Chemistry and then continue with the Organic Chemistry portion.
- Biology students should study mostly on Mechanism of the different topics, as well as their graphics.
- Students should meticulously focus on the Theoretical Part of Physics. Also, while preparing, avoid memorising problems, instead learn to solve them methodically.
- Numerical Problems are highly important, and most of the time the problems are direct application of the formulas along with your understanding of the concept, so Numerical are Highly Scoring sections, so master them thoroughly.
- Students should drive their focus majorly on Experimental and Case-based Questions. Moreover, revising all the Formulas, Answering Tips and Examiners' Comments well for Effective Last-minute Preparation.
- Learn with Diagrams: Learn the concepts through diagrams and practice the labelling of all the organisms in Biology.
(B) ISC Class 12 Art & Humanities Preparation Tips 2023
Here are some crucial 2023 ISC Class 12 Art & Humanities Tips:
- Take note of the key points and any subjects that have been dropped.
- Slab-divide the Preparation time for History. Attempt to complete the sections on Indian history. Thereafter, go to World History, followed by other significant Chapters and Themes.
- The concepts of Geography are all interrelated.
- It is important to initially address all the ideas pertaining to Human Physiography, Populations, etc. Cover all features of the map since they have a high weightage in the test.
- To complete the Polity course, the Indian Constitution must be thoroughly studied.
- Another important tip for students is to Practice Tricky Questions based on a Topographical Map.
- Create a chart to remember the Important Dates, Personalities, and Facts in History.
(C) ISC Class 12 English & Hindi Preparation Tips 2023
- Students should keep in mind that the scores for Composition and Writing Letters are proportionate to the marks gained in the Grammar. As a result, the Grammar section should receive the most attention.
- Determine the sort of essay that is most comfortable to write and practice in bulk. Generally, most students choose the narrative option.
- Practice writing letters in the newest format. The left-hand format is the one that is most popular. Crispness and Simplicity are key in the letter.
- The direct quotations and significant conversation from the plays that are required for the literary component should be studied by the students.
- Students should always lean towards practice of MCQs based questions in English Comprehension & Grammar to ensure success in ISC Class 12 Board Exams 2023.
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Best Of Luck for the Exam.
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