ICSE Class 10 Board Exams 2023 Datesheet Released! Time Management Plan With Key Subject-wise Preparation Guidelines to Ensure Success

ICSE Class 10 Board Exams 2023 Datesheet Released! Time Management Plan With Key Subject-wise Preparation Guidelines to Ensure Success

Dec 03, 2022

New Delhi [India], December 3 (ANI/Oswaal Books): The administering body conducting the ICSE Class 10th Board Exams, Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations (CISCE), has today announced the ICSE Class 10 Datesheet |Timetable for the 2023 Board Exams. According to the timetable, the ICSE Class 10 Board Exam 2023 will start in the month of February, starting from February 27th with English Language - English Paper 1 and will end with Biology - Science Paper 3 on March 29, 2023.
Along with that, the CISCE has also announced that the Exam Result of ISC & ICSE Boards 2023 will be released in the month of May 2023.
Talking about the duration of the ICSE 2023 Board Exam Class 10 will be 3 hours long. Keeping the competition of Board Exams in mind, an extra 15 minutes will be given for reading the question paper, just for the students to get their heads straight.
Here are the downloading steps for ICSE Class 10 Datesheet |Timetable for the 2023 Board Exams -
Go to the official CISCE website, i.e.,

On the homepage, go to 'download ICSE Class 10 Date Sheet 2023' for 2023 Boards Time Table.
PDF documents will appear on the screen.
ICSE Class 10th 2023 Datesheet | Time Table will appear on the screen.
Click to download or copy paste in your word file document.
ICSE Class 10 Exam Preparation Tips & Time Management Guidelines
The Educators across India have curated a Unique Study Schedule for ICSE Class 10 students to boost their preparations. As the ICSE Class 10 Students, you can finish your syllabus in time and can have an enhanced level of preparedness and confidence to practice effectively for ICSE Exams. To make the most out of the preparation time, students first need a Scheduler, or a diary or anything to schedule each hour of the day beforehand and then follow it religiously. Each student must Categorise the Chapters and Concepts based on the Level of their Difficulty, Duration, and Time Required.
1. Techniques for Effective Time Management - The foremost tip that every student need is to Strategically Optimize their Time and proceed accordingly. Effective Time Management Techniques involve preparing topic-wise hourly study schedules to allocate extra minutes to difficult topics, Sparing Enough Time for Revisions.
2. Finish Syllabus Before Time: It is usually advised to save at least 2 months before the Exam, clear all the Chapter-Wise Concepts with ICSE Question Banks for Class 10, and do all the Revision afterwards. The reason is quite simple, students must stay calm during Exam Time to be confident enough and to provide enough focus for efficacious revisions with ICSE Class 10 Specimen Sample Papers | Question Banks 2022-23.
In order to decode the Exam Pattern & get Exam-ready, Extensive Practice of ICSE Specimen Sample Papers is required. So, in order to have top-notch Exam-practice, students need to solve extra
of renowned publishers such as Oswaal Books, which contains Cognitive Exam-ready Tools.

Students must get familiar with the Exam Format, Question Pattern, Marking Scheme, and then plan your approach to solve it with Effective Time Management. This way you can Avoid Confusion and Misinterpretation during your actual exam.
3. Practice ICSE Sample Papers & Mock Tests: To score maximum, ICSE Specimen Sample Papers and Mock Tests for Class 10 are highly important during the Exam Time. They are meant to provide the students with a feel of the Exam before the Exam. The only way to Learn Time Management during Exams is by practicing it. Moreover, Practice to Write Answers in neat handwriting, also solve Specimen Sample Papers under the Exam-like Setting. Practicing full Question Papers while sticking to the Exam Time limit provides Enhanced Exam Insight and a fair idea about Effective Time Management during Exams.
In order to score better at ICSE Class 10 Board Exams 2022, students need to follow subject-wise key Exam Preparation Guidelines. Find the tips below to maximize your score:-
(a) ICSE Study Plan Physics Class 10
Make assure that you have properly completed the entire Physics syllabus. Memorize and Practice the Formulas and Equations. Try to answer as many Practice Questions as you can. Start with the most difficult question and move down to the easier one. Ensure deep understanding of the topic and its relation to our day-to-day environment.
(b) ICSE Study Plan Maths Class 10
Make a list of every Concept and Topic covered in each ICSE Class 10 Mathematics. Begin by studying the ICSE Maths Textbook. Understand the Concepts behind all the topics in each chapter. As you master each chapter, make a list of the various Maths formulas for Class 10. It will also be beneficial during the revision process. Try to learn the alternative method for solving different mathematical sums which will help you score better.
(c) ICSE Study Plan Chemistry Class 10
It is recommended that students practice the Periodic Table. Learn about Physical, Chemical, and Analytical Chemistry as well. When in doubt, paste crucial formulas and the Periodic Table in front of you. Learn the structure of elements, their properties and the chemical processes thoroughly for scoring optimum marks.
(d) ICSE Study Plan Biology Class 10
Daily Practice with Diagrams. Learn the terms and attempt to memorize as much as you can. Complete the 10th-class Biology books and begin revising them repeatedly. Learn the concepts through diagrams and practice the labelling of organisms in Biology.
(e) ICSE Study Plan English Class 10
The unseen passage is the simplest to score and involves the least amount of effort. For the Letter, follow the board's formatting requirements. Most of the English Questions are of 10 marks each, with the structure deducting three marks. Students will get an understanding of the Format of Official Letters, Applications, and report speeches by practicing them.
Learn the Fundamentals of Grammar by studying a good Grammar Book. Also, do more practice of MCQs based questions in English Comprehension & Grammar.
(f) ICSE Study Plan Commerce Class 10
The scope of the syllabus strictly adhered in the book.
Solved past years' questions as per comments given by the board examiner.
Manage your time well. Estimate the time required for attempting both short and long answer questions and for both attempting and revising the answers.
Learn the meaning of new terms/keywords and understand the concepts. Do not memorise the program, try to understand the logic which we are clearly explained in the computer book.
Q1. How Can We Finish ICSE Class 10 Syllabus in 1 Month?
- ICSE Syllabus is a bit more lengthy than other Boards but with a Proper Strategy and Study Material, any student can finish the syllabus in a month's time.
Q2. How Many Subjects are There in ICSE Class 10?
- There are 7 subjects which must be opted including 4 compulsory ones in Group A, 2 optional in Group B, and 1 in Group C.
Q3. How to Prepare a Good Plan for the ICSE Class 10 Board Exams?
- Maintain a Proper Schedule, Check the Marketing Schemes, Focus on the most important topics first then go on the less important ones.
Q4. Are There any Strategies to Score Good in ICSE Class 10 Board Exams?
-- Focusing on the Important Subjects and Completing the Syllabus on time with Question Bank and Mock Test Papers is the best way to ensure good marks in Board Exams.
Q5. Does Oswaal Books provide mock tests for ICSE Class 10 Exams?
-- Yes, Oswaal Books provides
for ICSE Class 10 and you can check them out by clicking here.
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