Genius Box Honored by Bureau of Indian Standards for Quality and Branding Excellence

Genius Box Honored by Bureau of Indian Standards for Quality and Branding Excellence

May 08, 2024

New Delhi [India], May 8: In a notable achievement, Genius Box, a leading brand specializing in innovative DIY educational kits for children, has been recognized and honored by the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) for its outstanding commitment to quality and branding excellence. The prestigious recognition comes alongside Genius Box's distinguished feat of maintaining a flawless record of nil sample failures over the past three years.
Genius Box stands as a pioneer in revolutionizing children's education through its "Play-full-learning" approach. With a mission to engage children in immersive learning experiences, the brand offers thoughtfully curated kits and games designed to foster curiosity, creativity, and critical thinking skills.
"Children learn best when they are actively engaged and having fun," says Saloni Shrivastava, Chief Learning Officer at Little Millennium Preschool "These kits are meticulously crafted to cater to each child's interests, age, and attention span, providing hands-on learning experiences that inspire a lifelong love for learning."

By integrating play-based learning with educational content, Genius Box aims to equip children with essential 21st-century skills, including problem-solving, creativity, and effective communication. The brand's diverse range of kits, tailored for different age groups and learning objectives, covers a spectrum of subjects from STEM to arts and crafts.
The kits not only supplement classroom learning but also support homeschooling initiatives. With a focus on experiential learning and real-world application, Genius Box empowers children to become independent thinkers, innovators, and effective communicators.
The upcoming range of Genius Box kits promises to offer even more enriching experiences for families, educators, and learners alike. Each kit comprises innovative art and craft activities, science projects, learning books, math concepts, social studies projects, puzzles, and board games. With a strong emphasis on skill development and multidisciplinary learning, Genius Box aims to facilitate socio-emotional development, logical reasoning, and problem-solving skills in children.
Genius Box kits are available for purchase online at and through select retail partners nationwide. For more information about Genius Box and its educational kits, visit or follow @GeniusBox on social media.
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