Dozens of Filipinos fell ill after the oil spill

Dozens of Filipinos fell ill after the oil spill

Mar 10, 2023

Manila [Philippines], March 10: Dozens of Filipinos have experienced health problems after the recent oil spill on the island of Mindoro.
The Princess Empress ship carrying 800,000 liters of industrial fuel oil sank more than a week ago in waters near the island of Mindoro in the central Philippines , south of the capital Manila.
AFP on March 8, quoted the governor of Oriental Mindoro province HumerlitoDolor as saying that the oil spilled from the ship had contaminated the sea and the beaches of nine residential areas in the province.
The province's health official Cielo Ante said at least 43 people living in villages in the area where the oil spilled on the coast suffered from vomiting and headaches. No one has been hospitalized and authorities have not confirmed that these people were directly affected by the spill . However, Ms. Dolor said that the authorities and people are trying to clean up to prevent health risks.
Meanwhile, mayor Jennifer Cruz of the town of Pola hit hard by the March 8 oil spill told CNN that more than 50 residents were sick with cough, dizziness, red eyes and fever. "It's been 9 days and things are getting worse. The smell from the oil is getting worse due to the warmer weather. More people are getting sick. I can't go to the affected place because I'm starting to feel unwell due to the weather. that smell," Cruz said.
Manager Marino Enriquez of a resort in Pola said: "The oil has spilled onto our beach and it sticks to the sand. Some people are not feeling well due to the strong smell of the oil that has been on the beach for days."
Philippine Coast Guard spokesman Armando Balilo said the buoy was released to prevent oil spills on March 8, after the previous effort was delayed due to strong seas.
However, the oil spill has spread as far as the southern island of Semirara, 130 kilometers from where the ship sank. The local environmental agency announced earlier this week that the ship may have been located, believed to be at a depth of 400 meters. Japan announced it was sending a disaster relief team to assist with the cleanup. President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. On March 7, the cleanup was expected to be completed in four months.
The shipwreck has raised concerns about the marine environment in the region. Thousands of fishermen have been instructed not to go out to sea. People are also forbidden to swim in the sea.
Environment and Natural Resources Minister Maria Antonia Loyzaga estimated 591 hectares of coral reefs, 1,626 hectares of mangroves and 362 hectares of seaweed could be affected by the oil spill.
Source: ThanhNien Newspaper