Akshaya Patra kitchens feeding 30,000 migrants daily in Delhi amid lockdown

Apr 07, 2020

New Delhi, Apr 08 (ANI): Akshaya Patra Foundation which is known for world’s largest midday meal programme has extended its help in COVID-19 lockdown by daily feeding around 30,000 migrants in Delhi. The foundation is utilising its mega kitchens to feed the distressed public all over the country, where uptil now they have served 2 lakh meals in Delhi and around 8 lakh meals in NCR. “At this time of COVID lockdown situation, there are lots of migrant labourers and daily wage earners who were severely affected. So the government asked us why don’t you serve meals in partnership with us and supply meals in hunger relief centres in various parts of Delhi. So immediately we jumped in as we had the facility and as the schools are shut down, so we though why not to serve the meals for these hungry people. It is very important social cause in this situation as whole country is in crisis and the big need is food,” Shri Bharatarshabha Dasa, NGO’s Delhi president told ANI.