Sports Illustrated model Carol Alt, 60, reveals her secrets to staying fit

Sports Illustrated model Carol Alt, 60, reveals her secrets to staying fit

Dec 02, 2020

Washington DC (USA) Dec 2: Carol Alt turned 60 on Tuesday and revealed her secrets to staying fit throughout her life.
The former Sports Illustrated model confessed to the Daily Mail "it's all about what you eat" and that she has stayed "away from chemicals and GMOs and feed my brain good fats."
Alt revealed she's never fallen for trendy diets like "low fat or no fat diets" because when people "take the fat out, they add sugar."
Instead, the cookbook author believes in eating natural fats such as olive oil and avocados.
"Did you know you can drink a ton of water but still feel dehydrated because you are not eating enough good fats?" she pointed out. "It is important to include fat in your diet, and it will show on your skin, hair, nails."
Alt said her goal is to remain strong as she ages so she can maintain an active lifestyle and keep working in front of the camera.
"When I started eating better my body and my skin started looking better. I was incredible," she described. "I work hard to look good because I love acting, I want to keep doing it, it is my goal, so that is my priority."
Although Alt loves to break a sweat, she prefers to keep her workouts simple and fast.
"You need to do a little every day, but don't kill yourself," the actress advised. "You can't push yourself too hard or else you will get sore and not want to do it again the next day. So do a little every day."
Alt loves doing exercises for one minute because she feels it's "better to do one minute of challenging lunges that 10 minutes of sloppy ones."
Earlier this year, Alt participated in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Icon Challenge, which involves followers recreating their favorite SI Swimsuit photos. Alt's submission was a replica of Marisa Miller's 2008 cover in which she posed on a beach in St. John, one of the U.S. British Islands.
Alt graced the cover of the swimsuit magazine in 1982.
Source: Fox News