Russia's Pacific Fleet to upgrade warships to carry Tsirkon hypersonic weapons

Russia's Pacific Fleet to upgrade warships to carry Tsirkon hypersonic weapons

Nov 08, 2019

Moscow (Russia) Nov 8: The Project 1155 large anti-submarine warfare ship Marshal Shaposhnikov and the Project 949A Antey-class multipurpose nuclear-powered submarine Irkutsk currently undergoing their upgrade for Russia's Pacific Fleet will be capable of using the latest Tsirkon hypersonic weapons, Deputy Defense Minister Alexei Krivoruchko said on Friday.
"In 2020, we are due to receive the upgraded ship Marshal Shaposhnikov. I am confident that the management [of the Dalzavod Ship Repair Center] will duly fulfil the assigned task and the timeframe of the ship's delivery won't be shifted. The universal launchers, which the ship will receive, will enable it to eventually employ the latest Tsirkon hypersonic missiles," the deputy defense minister said, wrapping up his visit to enterprises of the Far Eastern shipbuilding cluster.
The nuclear-powered submarine Irkutsk, which the Zvezda Shipyard in the Primorye Region in the Russian Far East is upgrading to the 949AM level, will also receive this capability. The sub is due to be delivered to the Russian Pacific Fleet in 2022, the defense official said.
In his State-of-the-Nation Address to the Federal Assembly on February 20, Russian President Vladimir Putin said the Tsirkon missile was capable of developing a speed of Mach 9 and its range capability could exceed 1,000 km. The Russian leader also said that the Tsirkon could strike both naval and ground targets. The new missile will be deployed on warships and submarines armed with Kalibr cruise missiles.
Experts say the Tsirkon hypersonic missile can't be intercepted by any existing air defense capabilities.
Source: TASS