Paulina Porizkova shares topless pic on 'day 4' of coronavirus quarantine: 'Topless is my favorite bikini'

Paulina Porizkova shares topless pic on 'day 4' of coronavirus quarantine: 'Topless is my favorite bikini'

Mar 21, 2020

California (USA) March 21: Paulina Porizkova is reminiscing about the past while she remains under self-quarantine amid the coronavirus pandemic.
The supermodel took to Instagram to share a topless photo of herself during a more peaceful time when she was vacationing in Costa Rica.
"Quarantine day 4. Looking through vacation photos and remembering the bliss," the 54-year-old captioned the shot. "And yeah, I am a child of the Scandinavian 70's and topless is my favorite bikini."
The model poked fun at her sexy snap with the hashtags #betweenjloandbettywhite and #shamelessvacationing.
The model's post garnered nearly 15,000 likes and she received praise from her followers in the comments section.
"Breathtaking, where's the fire extinguisher?!" one follower asked the model.
Another one of Porizkova's followers applauded her courage by writing, "Free the boobs!"
"You're stunning and such a role model to all women," said another user.
When one fan commented that "clothes are underrated," Porizkova replied: "totally."
The photo was likely taken during the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit stunner's getaway to Costa Rica earlier this month.
Weeks ago she shared a snap of herself on Instagram rocking a black bikini.
"And at the end of the dusty road is this - a beautiful waterfall," the 54-year-old captioned the photo. "And then you cool down and wash the dust off. And then get back on the ATV for some more adventures and dirt."
The Czech-born model, who was cut out of her estranged husband Ric Ocasek's will before his death in September 2019, previously hinted on social media the trip may have been a gift from close friends.
"Imagine, after going through an emotional hell - to land here," she wrote. "Being surrounded by saltwater the temperature of your mother womb, the sounds of monkeys chattering in trees, the scent of damp green leaves and night blooming jasmine, sipping a Negroni while the sun sets over the ocean on the horizon.
"Grateful doesn't even begin to describe it," Porizkova continued. "Thank you with all my heart @straphanger1 ( If you wonder how a newly impoverished widow can afford this amazingness, let me just say I have the worlds most wonderful FRIENDS.). I hope you can handle a few weeks of totally shameless vacationing from me, because how could I not just photograph this?"
Source: Fox News