Pakistani govt supporters protest Khan's release

Pakistani govt supporters protest Khan's release

May 16, 2023

Islamabad [Pakistan], May 16: Thousands of pro-government supporters converged in front of Pakistan's Supreme Court on Monday to protest the release from custody of former prime minster Imran Khan.
"There are around 7,000 protesters who forcefully entered the Red Zone but they are calm and the situation is under control," Taqi Jawad, a spokesperson for the capital police told DPA.
The Red Zone is where government buildings, including the Supreme Court and parliament, are located.
Jawad said that 2,500 security officials have been deployed to the scene. An alliance of political parties affiliated with the government of Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif staged the protest and said it was directed against the chief justice of Pakistan.
Pakistan's governing parties blames the judiciary, and the chief justice in particular, for giving undue favours to Khan and other members of his party.
Khan was granted temporary bail by an Islamabad court on Friday, days after his arrest on graft charges.
Local media reported that the protest has now been converted to a sit-in.
Pakistan has been on edge since Khan was arrested. Violent protests broke out across the country and charged crowds attacked military facilities.
Hundreds of people have been arrested by law enforcement agencies for vandalizing public property and official buildings. Khan, who was removed in April after losing a vote of confidence in the parliament, faced several charges including one of graft and another related to stealing state gifts he received as prime minister between 2018 and 2022.
Khan has been fighting for his political comeback for almost a year. Tens of thousands of supporters attend events that feature the populist ex-premier nationwide.
Source: Qatar Tribune