Pakistani court overturns broadcast ban on ex-PM Khan's speeches

Pakistani court overturns broadcast ban on ex-PM Khan's speeches

Mar 10, 2023

Islamabad [Pakistan], March 10: A court in Pakistan on Thursday overturned a ban by the country's media regulator on broadcasting the speeches of opposition leader Imran Khan, calling the ban a restriction of freedom of expression.
The Lahore High Court in the eastern province of Punjab ordered that the ban be withdrawn after a brief hearing of a petition filed by Khan's lawyers, judge Shams Mirza announced.
Pakistan's Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) banned satellite TV channels from broadcasting Khan's speeches, accusing him of maligning the army and promoting hatred.
The regulator imposed the ban late Sunday after Khan held a "provocative" speech in Lahore following an attempt to arrest him. The former premier evaded arrest and accused Pakistan's spy agency of arresting and torturing his political aides.
Khan was removed by Pakistan's parliament through a no-confidence vote last year, but he blamed his political opponents for hatching a conspiracy with the United States to topple his government. (dpa)
Khan claimed that the West wanted to punish him because he chose to visit Moscow and meet President Vladimir Putin on the day Russian troops launched the invasion of Ukraine.
Source: Qatar Tribune