Ministry stresses supervision of epidemic-related law enforcement

Ministry stresses supervision of epidemic-related law enforcement

Feb 25, 2020

Beijing (China), Feb 25: China's Ministry of Justice has issued a circular demanding strengthened supervision of law enforcement related to the prevention and control of the COVID-19 epidemic.
Justice departments at all levels should give full play to the role of supervision and coordination to make sure that the law is enforced in a strict, procedure-based, impartial, and non-abusive way, said the circular.
Guidance should be offered to administrative authorities in sorting out the laws and regulations involved to help them back the epidemic prevention and control with an accurate legal basis and procedures.
It also called for prudent decision-making in introducing emergency response measures such as quarantine or closing certain places to minimize damage to the public and businesses.
Noting that more services provided by law enforcement agencies should be moved online during the epidemic, the circular also urged prompt responses to public complaints related to improper law enforcement activities.
Source: Xinhua News Agency