Japanese expats warned not to drink moonshine

Japanese expats warned not to drink moonshine

Sep 29, 2020

Tokyo (Japan), September 29: The Japanese Embassy in Indonesia says a Japanese man has died and others have suffered from poisoning symptoms after drinking moonshine in the country.
Embassy staff say the reports started coming in this month. They found several Japanese nationals living in and around the capital Jakarta vomited and suffered other poisoning symptoms after consuming illegal alcohol. One, a man in his 40s, has been confirmed to have died.
The victims are thought to have acquired illegal liquor in plastic bottles from acquaintances.
Embassy officials released pictures of what the bottles look like and are strongly warning Japanese expats not to consume the moonshine.
Over 80 percent of the Indonesian population is Muslim. The religion prohibits consumption of alcohol. But it is available in supermarkets and restaurants in the country.
The consumption of inexpensive moonshine by locals has been a big problem for Indonesia. In 2018, more than 50 people died from drinking bootleg alcohol.
Source: NHK World