Government issues Shivapuri Nagarjun National Park Rules

May 25, 2019

Kathmandu (Nepal) May 25: The government has issued Shivapuri Nagarjun National Park Rules for protection and conservation of its vicinity by imposing restriction on activities that pose threat to wildlife and natural resources.
The rules prohibit anyone from entering the park with arms and ammunition, sharp weapons, poison, noose, hazardous chemicals, explosives, arrow, slingshot, wildlife parts, highly inflammable materials, plants, fruits, high voltage battery and pet animals. "However, domestic weapons like sickle, spade, axe, fuel, electronic goods, khukuri and agricultural pesticides required for domestic use may be taken home by the locals of buffer zones with the permission of security personnel," the rules read.
National park authority may restrict the entry of visitors and vehicles into the park if they are likely to cause adverse impact on the environment. However, locals may get an entry after obtaining permission from security personnel.
The rules require approval of the Department of National Parks and Wildlife Conservation to conduct any study or research in the national park. Study or research on anything inside the park may be conducted under the direct oversight of the national park office.
The warden shall have the power to initiate legal action against anyone who violates the rules. "If an attack by wildlife harms lives and property, the national park office shall provide compensation to the victim party on the recommendation of the concerned local level. No one shall carry out activities such as playing musical instrument or organising any cultural programme that cause sound pollution in the national park.
"No one shall besiege, chase or intimidate wildlife by any means or damage vegetation while visiting the national park," the rules read.
Source: The Himalayan Times