China to discuss long-term vision at key meeting

China to discuss long-term vision at key meeting

Sep 29, 2020

Beijing (China), September 29: Top leaders of China's Communist Party will hold a key policy meeting next month to discuss a long-term vision.
On Monday, China Central Television and other media outlets reported on a decision made by the party to hold the fifth plenary session of the party's central committee from October 26 to 29 in Beijing.
More than 300 top officials, including President Xi Jinping, will attend the meeting.
The 14th Five-Year plan -- a blueprint for economic policies and major projects between 2021 and 2025 -- and long-term goals for the period through 2035 are expected to be on the agenda.
In 2015, China made becoming a world leader in high tech one of its goals.
But tensions with the United States have since intensified as Chinese firms have been locked in fierce competition with American rivals in the development of 5G and other technologies.
The focal point of this session's long-term goal is also about high tech field but it remains to be seen what strategy will be presented.
Source: NHK World