51 accidents reported in capital Male' last week

51 accidents reported in capital Male' last week

Aug 13, 2019

Male' (Maldives) August 13: 51 accidents occurred in capital Male' during the past week, the police have revealed.
Weekly statistics published by the police showed licences of 8 people were withheld due to last week's accidents. While five people were injured in the incidents, 28 people were fined for violating traffic rules, and action was taken against 4 underage motorists. 41 people were fined for exceeding the speed limit.
472 parking tickets were issued last week, and 262 vehicles were checked by the police. While 162 vehicles were towed, 85 people were caught driving without a license. 69 drivers did not have their licenses on them while driving.
Additionally, action was taken against 15 taxi drivers who violated rules and 27 people were fined for violating the helmet rule.
Transport Ministry has revealed that parking tickets will be issued if vehicle are parked in front of mosques entrances, zebra crossings, school, hospital and bank entrances. Additionally, vehicles parked on the asphalted area of the ring road, and areas blocked off by traffic cones and barricades, and double lined areas will be fined, as well as vehicles parked in manners that could cause inconveniences to citizens.
While unavailability of parking spots is an issue in Male', Transport Minister Aishath Nahula has stated that the government will make 400-1000 parking spaces available for motorcycles by the end of the year, and 100 additional spots to park cars.